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- Self Esteem Program
- Relationship Building
- Spiritual Meditation
- Outside Meetings
- Nutritional Skills
- Communication
- Anger Management

Grandpa's House

A Safe Place to Begin Again

Programs Offered

One Step At A Time

Mission Statement

Grandpa's House is committed to providing a safe and effective transitional home for people in recovery from chemical dependency and other mental illnesses. 

- Big Book Studies
- House Meetings
- Employment Skills 
- Basic Living Skills
- Drug Counseling Skills
- Relapse Prevention

What Happens In "Grandpa's House"

The house offers teaching of basic skills for living and personal growth in a supportive and nurturing environment. Some of the issues addressed at Grandpa's House include:

self-centeredness, anger management, power and control, fear, victim mindset, honesty, spiritual bankruptcy & self-esteem.

Our program focuses on forming the habits of showing respect and sensitivity to others, learning communication skills, following instructions, accepting criticism and/or compliments, disagreeing appropriately, and finding new behavior for conflict resolution.

For those who are ready and willing to start again, Grandpa's House offers basic tools of recovery from chemical dependency and other mental illnesses

It is based on a structured program with spiritual principals. We at Grandpa's House provide family and group supports systems in which each resident is required to participate in on a daily basis.

Developing relations is a natural benefit to the family atmosphere in the Grandpa's House. 

Our selection process admits persons who truly desire recovery. Once this is established, implementing the aforementioned principles along with developing respect for one's self and others through the help of their higher power is absolutely attainable. 

How Much Will It Cost Me To Enroll?

Because we believe in each and every one of you guys we are able to charge a $100 deposit and $150 weekly from all applicants.

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